• Commodities in relation to general stock markets are in one of the biggest buying opportunities in history.

  • Since 2008, the commodity market has lost more than 80% of its value in relation to general stock markets.

  • Since the beginning of 2016, commodity markets are in a rising trend, which is still completely unnoticed by institutional investors and the public.

  • Individual stocks and ETF funds of key commodity producing companies are the best protection against the rising inflation and in our opinion offer the biggest profit potential over the next decade.

 Commodties (GSCI index) in relation to the US stock index S&P 500

Commodities VS SP 500 eng



Average portfolio diversification among selected commodity sectors

Become Investor
  • Become investor in the biggest PRECIOUS METALS and COMMODITIES producing companies.

  • Companies we select have the HIGHEST PROFIT MARGINS in industry.

  • Companies in our portfolio pay HIGHEST DIVIDENDS in their sectors.

  • Very LOW DEBT of selected companies or completely DEBT-FREE.

  • Projects located in SAFE JURISDICTIONS.

  • HIGHEST LIQUIDITY with listings on the largest American and European stock exchanges.

  • ACTIVE PORTFOLIO PROTECTION and added value creation in major corrections.

Minimum investment and costs

Minimum investment
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Profit sharing
Exit fee

Capital gains and dividends

Tax form form for capital gains and dividends must be submitted by 28 February for the previous year. For our customers we make:

  • Capital gains forms

  • Dividend forms

You just import capital gains and dividends forms through the e-tax system.

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