Legal Notice and Risk Notification

Terms of use:

Trading in the financial instruments listed on these pages is not permitted in all countries.

The information published on our website is not interpreted as either a bid or as offering bids in countries where such a service is prohibited by law.

Persons who do not have the requested authorization may not submit a bid or submit bids concerning information published on the Internet.

The information provided shall not be deemed to be transmitted to those persons who are not legally entitled to such a tender.


The information provided is not understood as a proposal for investment or a call to purchase or sale of certain securities and is therefore not intended to replace the investment advice services.

Although the company has closely monitored the content, CM-Equity AG assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, correctness, completeness and accuracy of the information provided. Insofar as the information provided contains future declarations on, for example, future movements of securities or markets, they must be understood as subjective forecasts that provide user convenience.

Generally, CM-Equity AG is not liable for any damage or loss of any kind arising from the use or non-use of the information provided or the use of inaccurate or incomplete information, unless the user can demonstrate serious negligence or willful misconduct of CM-Equity AG or its agents .

CM-Equity AG, its employees and agents and affiliates are authorized to maintain shares in those companies and to buy or sell shares in daily trading, although this may constitute a conflict of interest.

Future contracts and derivative instruments include risks that can lead to a complete loss of invested capital.

Despite the positive results in the past and the extreme diligence of responsible traders, we can not provide lasting gains and exclude temporary losses.

Investments in the aforementioned financial instruments (futures or derivatives) should only be used for the diversification of assets and should represent only a small proportion of the total portfolio.

Past rates of return should not be considered as an appropriate basis for forecasting future earnings. Investments in shares and derivatives bear a significant risk for the investor.

We do not provide a guarantee for content on the website:

As the site operator in accordance with Article 7, TMG (German Telemedics Law), CM-Equity AG is responsible for its information, which is available on the website.

CM-Equity AG regularly and accurately monitors and updates the information it offers on its website.

Despite the control of the accuracy of the content, we can not ensure the promptness of the information.

CM-Equity AG assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and promptness of the contents of the website.

CM-Equity AG is not responsible for the damage or loss arising from the use of the information contained on this website.

The provision above applies also to the content of related third party websites (external links). CM-Equity AG provides this link only for the user’s convenience (Article 8 of TMG).

Creating such links does not involve any commercial purposes.

External links are specifically marked.

CM-Equity AG is not responsible for the content of the websites that can be accessed via external links.

CM-Equity AG can not influence the content of the linked sites.

CM-Equity AG does not affect the transmission of data, the choice of the addressee of the information, or the selection and modification of the data transmitted. In addition, due to the sources of connections and the methodology of the invocation, the company does not perform automatic temporary storage of external links and their contents. The responsibility for the content of external links is solely on the providers of these websites.


All bids are non-binding, they can be changed and are without warranty. CM-Equity AG reserves the right to change or supplement or to delete parts of the site or offer as a whole.

The use of the CM-Equity AG website is governed by the provisions of the German law. Any controversy resulting from the use of the website shall be submitted to the competent court in Munich.

If a provision of this statement or a part thereof should be or become illegal, void or unenforceable in accordance with the provisions of applicable law, the other parts of this statement shall not affect their legal effectiveness, validity and enforceability in accordance with the applicable legal framework.

If an individual provision of this declaration or part thereof (or becomes in the future) becomes unlawful, invalid or unenforceable in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law, the other parts of this declaration shall not be affected by their legal effectiveness, validity and enforceability in accordance with the applicable legal framework.